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Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 41
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

Manufacturer>Profile The Full-Throttle Namesake of Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels by Steve Temple ?? IF YOU COULD look up Mickey Thompson in the dictionary, the first word used to define him would be speed. He left his mark ? the gritty, black rubber variety ? on every speed venue from the dragstrip to the Indianapolis Brickyard, and from the Baja to Bonneville. Usually for these manufacturer?s profiles, we like to focus on product descriptions as much as possible in order to give you an idea of what?s out there and what it does. But in the case of automotive legends like Thompson, a closer look at the founder and namesake gives a sure insight into the product. So, here goes. Thompson was one of those auto- motive Renaissance guys brought up inland from Los Angeles where the hot, dry Santa Ana winds blow in off the desert, drawing men and cars to the harsh sands in some sort of reverse weather phenomena. But first, he cut his teeth on the local drag strips. Thompson never r ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 42
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

oping the company, Thompson founded SCORE, the sanctioning body for North American off-road racing, and Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group that brought the sport and tons of dirt into stadiums across the country. So, if all this doesn?t convince you of the quality and durability of Mickey Thompson tires and wheels, we?ll go on to some of the technology that goes into the product. While other companies started with your basic tire and adapted it to offroad, MT started with an off-road need and designed a tire to meet it. Case in point ? the Baja MTZ Radial truck tire. Conventional 2- and 3-ply tires don?t respond as quickly to tight cornering. There?s a lag, called transient steering response, between the time you think the tire should be responding and the time you feel it kick in. The problem is that the plies all run in the same direction, so as the plies twist in response to the cornering, the tread literally squirms and power is lost through the sidewall. The Baja MTZ is built wit ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 43
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

PART 5 UTAH ? WISCONSIN (continued) UTAH Nor th American XJ Assoc. (Intermountain Chapter) Utah Ryan Ward www.naxja. org Notch Peak Desert Dogs Delta, UT Judy Killey 435-864-4910 killeydj@f www.notchpeakde Red Rock 4Wheelers P.O. Box 1471 Moab, UT 84532 Jeremey McElhaney 435-259-ROCK www.rr4 Utah Greg Gardner greg@rockymountainextr www.rockymountainextre Rockhoppers 4x4 Club Salt Lake City, UT Daynene Snyder 801-942-3488 daynene@pe rockhoppers4x4.trip Rock 'N Lock Salt Lake City, UT Joe Mitchell 801-580-0114 SLC 4x4 Club Salt Lake City, UT Brad Roennebeck Unli mited 4x4 Club Richfield, UT Nate Curtis 435-893-8655 axlebuster Utah 4x4 Club Utah Josh Eldridge Utah Offroad and Outdoor Club Utah Steve Jackson webmaster@utahoffroad. com Utah 4WD Assoc. P.O. BOX 1471 Moab, UT 84532 Utah Toyota Territory Off-Roade ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 44
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

Wasatch Explorers 4x4 Club 727 Twin River Way. #2135 Muray, UT 84123 801-641-2987 www.wasatch Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers Ogden, UT Larry Olsen 801-791-8446 www.wasatchoutlawwheel Wild Yoats Toy 4x4 Assoc. P.O. Box 95017 South Jordan, UT 84095 801-232-0937 www.wildyoa Zuktah Utah Tai Weaver, Vice President North 801-718-3748 tkaw3222@pe Z U'tah Wheelers West Jodan, UT www.z VIRGINIA 4Plus 2568 Hungary Springs Rd. Richmond, VA 23294 Appalachian ORC 125 Fulkerson St. Abingdon, VA 24210 Capital Land Cruiser Club 8141 Loving Forest Ct Springfield, VA 22153 Paci fic Coast Rover Club P.O. Box 722 Mechanicsville,VA 23111 Virginia FWDA P.O. Box 722 Mechanicsville,VA 23111 VERMONT Green Mtn. 4WD Club P.O. Box 69 Essex Junction, VT 05453 Vermont Jeep Association P.O. Box 111 Morrisville, VT 05661 802-888-5370 www.vtjeep. org WASHINGTON Mud Toy 4x4 Club 462 Cleveland ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 45
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

NEWSBITS BILSTEIN BAJA CHALLENGE SWEEPSTAKES Bilstein is launching the largest consumer promotion in the history of the company, with the announcement of the Bilstein Baja Challenge Sweepstakes. There are two grand prizes consisting of an all expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where each winner and their guest get to drive Bilstein Shock Equipped Wide Open Baja race cars for three days on the real Baja 1000 race course. Each grand prize winner and their guest get a behind the wheel driving and adventure-based experience. The trip includes first-class accommodations (where possible) and the finest meals that Baja has to offer. Even miles from nowhere, Bilstein and Wide Open makes sure the legendary Baja hospitality is in place in even the most remote situations. Secondary prizes include four sets of Bilstein 4600 shocks and four Bilstein racing jackets. Entries open June 2. Contest closes September 30, 2008; winners announced October 13, 2008. Log on to ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 46
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

TUBE DOORS ROCK SLIDERS CONTROL ARM SKIDS DIFF COVERS FRONT DIFF GLIDE PLATE FRONT BUMPER OIL PAN PROTECTOR REAR BUMPER WITH TIRE CARRIER Rancho now has a full line of RockGEAR ? off-road accessories designed to protect your 2007-08 Jeep Wrangler. For years our long-arm, short-arm, sport system and front level spring suspension systems have taken your Jeep as far as you want to go. Now we?re keeping it safe once you?re out there. 2008 Tenneco PROTECT YOUR JEEP WITH OUR NEW LINE OF OFF-ROAD ACCESSORIES. ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 47
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

[ install ] JEEP AJ-8 BUILD-UP HOW RICK RUSSELL BUILT HIS SIDEKICK RIG PART 2: The assembly and fine-tuning phase by Rick Russell In Part I, we covered the planning phase of the AJ-8 Build-up. Now in Part II, we begin acquiring components and assembling the project. Each component is based on how the vehicle will be used while running 37-inch tall tires. 66 Off-Road Adventures ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 48
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

Although a V8 motor is ONLY helpful for mud, sand and highway travel, I just can?t live without one. For this project, a Ramjet 350 Crate Motor from GM Performance was my first choice. The Ramjet motor not only looks good, but it is an awesome powerplant. This fuel injected boat motor produces 400 ft. lbs. of torque and 355 horses, that is plenty of power for a street and trail Jeep. The early Ramjet motors did not have an O2 Sensor to provide altitude information to the computer. This becomes important if you four wheel at various altitudes. In my case, I can be below sea level in Death Valley and above 10,000 feet in Colorado in the same month. Arizona Once the chassis was all together and the grille mounted, the aluminum body was set in place and bolted down for the last time. The body was on and off the frame too many times to count before its trip to Moab for a final assembly. Speed and Marine in Chandler, Arizona has the fix for these early production Ramjet 350 motors. They re-p ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 49
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

adapter to the transmission. The bolts will work loose and pull the treads out of the aluminum adapter. The remedy is a brace (bar) from the bell housing to the outer edge of the Atlas transfer case. You can build one or modify a factory brace from another application. From the transmission, power is pushed through a transfer case. My transfer case must be strong enough to handle the power from the Ramjet 350 and turn 37-inch tires on a hill climb or highway speeds. The gear-driven Atlas 3.8 was my first choice. The Atlas, with its twin stick shifter, allows the t-case to be shifted into front or rear wheel drive while running in low range ? a handy option on trails when you need to slide JK- 5? Crawler w/ Coilover Conversion and Hydraulic Bump Stops Whether it?s a JK, TJ or YJ Fabtech has the suspension system to get you on the trail and back home with confidence. Fabtech offers a multitude of systems ranging from the 2.5? Basic System all the way up to the 8? Coilover Crawler system. ...

Publication: ORA_aug08 - Page 50
Publisher: Offroad Adventures Magazine | 2009-11-17 10:57:37

The body was removed and sent to RVMD for painting. The dash was painted earlier so that the gauges could be installed and wired for easier installation at final assembly. JEEP AJ-8 BUILD-UP In order to give the front of the Jeep a little different look, we cut the front of the fender and trimmed the opening back to the inner-fender. We used aftermarket Wrangler fenders. The Wrangler fenders have a larger wheel opening, but took some modifications to fit the aftermarket grille. When Currie Enterprises was finished working the AJ-8, we had a frame with differentials, suspension and drive train all mounted in place ? a rolling chassis. The aluminum body from Aqualu Aluminum Bodies in Canada is shipped without any mounting holes. The steering column hole, hood hinges, windshield hinges, tailgate hinges and many other holes are left for the builder to drill. Danny Grimes, our chief mechanic, had several pattern jigs which eased the pain of finding the exact spot to drill. LEARN MORE AT AEM ...

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